J6175J01 Prep Double Sulfate 13oz Double Sulphur Vintage Selvedge

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13 oz Double Sulfur Vintage Servic

Navy servitch denim dyed with sulfurized background.

In Japan, there is a culture that can be regarded as "smart" with a hazy color

It is expressed by dyeing the dull blue with sulfurized image of "wabisabi".

The deep blue color can be maintained for a long time since the yarn core is dyed deep.

・ Sulfa blue dressed in "blue" that can not be expressed in indigo
・ Deep coloration
・ White Ear (Selvich)
100% cotton


Prep (zip)

Deep rise, tight from the thighs and knees, prep cut jeans strongly squeezed toward the hem.
The appearance of the silhouette is slender,
Excellent for ease of wearing because of the loose setting of the rise.
Just-length setting to produce light feet.

・ Use tapered from below the knee to emphasize the leg length effect

・ Classic specification in vintage 5 pocket

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