Irregular Chambray

Chambray fabric is usually used for shirts.

Made the chambray thick to maximum and this irregular chambray fabric was created.

Enjoy the hardness that is different from denim!

14oz Heavy Chambray

Heavy ounce chambray fabric made of Zimbabwe cotton.

While normal chambray fabrics are used 20 count fine yarns and weave up about 5oz, this heavy
chambray fabric uses 5 count yarns, which is about 4 times thicker, to create a thicker fabric
equivalent to 14oz.

Therefore, even though it is a chambray, it is as thick as high ounce denim, and you can enjoy a
different fabric feel and comfort from regular denim.

14oz Heavy Chambray Coverall

Model: 175cm, 61kg / Size M


14oz Heavy Chambray Bush Pants

Model: 175cm, 61kg / Size M


14oz Heavy Chambray Shorts

Model: 175cm, 61kg / Size M


Irregular heavy chambray.

We can enjoy these kinds of fabrics since JAPAN BLUE JEANS, whose
parent company is a fabric (textlile) manufacturer.

We hope that you enjoy this heavy ounce chambray that is different from