JAPAN BLUE JEANS' selvedge jeans can be worn by both men and women. They are available in four
different fits and in a variety of fabrics with different comfortable.

Among them, soft and comfortable 12.5oz jeans are the most popular jeans in our stores because of their
authentic look and comfortability.

Fabric that we are committed to.

12.5oz African cotton selvedge denim

Soft and supple fabric made of African cotton with long fiber length.
By blending African cotton with brown cotton in natural shades, the color is made more vintage-like. The moderate thickness of the fabric makes it easy to wear throughout the year. With vintage-like texture and ease of wear, even those who are not used to wearing jeans can easily enjoy authentic selvedge denim from the day they put them on.

About brown color

This soft denim is made of "cotton" that make use of the original color of brown cotton. Therefore, the whiteness of this denim is less than that of ordinary denim, giving it a luxurious and elegant appearance. As the denim is worn, the texture of the natural brown cotton will increase and the color will change to a more vintage-like color. We fully utilize the characteristics of brown cotton which allows you to enjoy the aging in the texture and looks more.

Denim blended with brown cotton.

Denim without brown cotton.

Wide selection

4 fits and 2 colors




Denim on denim style using aging wash version.
To accentuate the denim, other items are kept simple for a stylish outfit.

Model: 178cm, 65kg / 30in.



A smart casual style with a luster west point fabric jacket.
It is not too casual and is recommended style for the holiday season.

Model: 178cm, 65kg / 30in.



A denim-on-denim style that tends to be cool is become combining with a
white knit for a gentle way.
Roll up jeans a bit and show the selvedge is a point!

Model: 165kg / 26in.



Casual style with red inlay and processed jeans. When wearing a volumy
scarf,  balance the shape with slim tapered jeans is recommended.
Brightens up a winter outfit which tends to be darker  and lifts spirits.

Model: 165kg / 26in.