About Japan Blue Jeans

The world is not as bad as you think. Poverty in developing countries is gradually shrinking. Countries victims of wars, disease, and aircraft accidents are decreasing. Apparently, the number of casualties by natural disasters has also reduced compared to the 1960s.

The lifespan and education for women in developing nations are also improving. The world is turning into a better place.

However, in Japan (a nation with a lot of natural disasters) there was a big earthquake that damaged a number of nuclear power plants. Another earthquake also occurred and a hurricane smashed into the west side of Japan. Disasters are like annual events in Japan, and they cause a lot of catastrophes.

Declining birth rates are also a tremendous social issue. Kojima, Kurashiki, in which we live is also facing the same problem. Based on statistical data, the expected rate of the arrival of an aging society is three years faster than expected. Additionally, the aging phenomenon is especially happening in rural cities where young people are leaving to seek a better job in bigger cities. Therefore, local businesses are lack of labors.

Our company was founded in 2012 as an apparel firm that mainly manufactures jeans. Thankfully, because of your support, we are able to keep producing jeans throughout these years. Our mission is to change the world by creating jeans.

By manufacturing high-quality jeans, we desire to prosper local businesses, workers, families, and neighbors. On top of that, we crave to transform Kojima into a town where more people wish to reside. Thus, our vision is to sculpt the town brand into a fascinating place and to make our environment more pleasant.

In order to implement this vision, we are required to generate a system for a sustainable society. One requirement is an eco-friendly structure where we will protect our environment for the next generations.

We will also implement a fair-trade practice with a diverse and unbiased philosophy. In the merchant world, there is a word called ‘triple win’. This means the wins for sellers, buyers, and the rest of the world. The mutual benefits are for everyone, and in turn, establishes a better place for us to live. Thus, we are proud to make this ethical product.