J557831 Recycled Cotton Socks

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Recycled cotton with excellent water absorption

Uses "Virgin Cotton," a fallen cotton that does not become yarn, which occurs during spinning.

Among them, only those with relatively long Wool feet were collected and spun in Japan.
Finished with a unique texture and tasteful texture.

Because it is a recycled cotton that is environmentally friendly and excellent in water absorption,
It is a durable material that won't stuffy.

・ 93% cotton, 5% nylon, 2% polyurethane


Socks that can enjoy changes in a texture that cannot be born only with machines

6 colors of yarn using virgin cotton for socks.
The yarn is
hand-dyed by a dyeing method called "spec dyeing".
“Spec dyeing” is not applied to the dyeing solution, but fine dye powder is collected manually into a lump shape, and each particle becomes a capsule that adheres to the thread and flips. .
You can enjoy the natural uneven colors and aging that cannot be expressed by handwork .

Color development: 3 colors / Size: 25-27cm

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