J370351 [ID]  Côte d’Ivoire Cotton Chambray Work Shirt


100% Côte d’Ivoire cotton selvedge chambray.

Côte d'Ivoire cotton is grown without pesticides,
 so this chambray is neppy and has an uneven texture like vintage ones.
The more you wear it, the more it changes and you will enjoy the aging.




【Model: 165cm / 65kg】 Denim Jacket: 38 / Shirt: S / Bottoms: 32


  J386621 [ID]  

  Denim jacket

  16.5oz Côte d’Ivoire cotton selvedge (Monster)



  J370351 [ID]

  3 needles work shirt

  5oz Côte d’Ivoire chambray


  J27312J01 [OD]

  Modern military baker pants

  Army back satin sulfur dye

  J51190J01 [ID]


  10.5oz Denim

  J534321 [BR]

  Leather belt

  Tochigi leather


J372953 [ASA]   Asanoha Work Shirt

The fabric is printed with an ancient Japanese hemp leaf pattern, called “asanoha” in Japanese.
The print is finished close to handmade texture, so that gives a vintage-like impression.



【Model: 165cm / 65kg】 Shirt: M / Bottoms: 30

  J372953 [ASA]

  3 needles work shirt

  Asanoha printing twill                                      


  J802921 [SK5]

  Sashiko monpe pants

  11oz Indigo sashiko

  J51190J01 [BK]


  10.5oz denim


J373564 [ID]  3 Needles Indigo Checkered Work Shirt

This is a garment dye piece, so it has a different taste than normal work shirts.
You can enjoy the aging process like jeans.




【Model: 165cm / 65kg】 Shirt: M / T-shirt: L / Bottoms: 30

  J373564 [ID] 

  3 needles work shirt                

  Indigo nel-checkered                       


  J4439J02 [WHT]


  7.7oz Côte d’Ivoire cotton

  J21200J01 [BE]

  Brooklyn trousers

  loose chino

  J51190R03 [ID]


  10oz denim