CIRCLE straight fit is available with the ethical denim fabric "BANANA DENIM".

Here we tell you about banana denim.


Banana trees do not bear fruits once harvested, and they are cut down and discarded after harvesting.
It is said that the amount of it is 1 billion tons annually in the world and how to recycle banana trees is considered worldwide.
After we considered what we could do, we thought that making banana stems to fiber and it can be used for denim.

Banana fiber is superior to moisture absorption, quick-drying etc... and is said to be the fourth fiber after cotton, hemp, and wool.
Although materials (banana trees) are plentiful, the technology for making banana into " banana fiber" is not yet widespread enough
on industrial scale.

We are aiming to tell the goodness of banana fiber through our products and make it a familiar material.


Banana denim is light, breathable and great functional with high moisture absorption and quick-drying.
We aim for balance both contribution of environmental issues and comfort to wear, blended banana fiber with cotton to increase its elasticity,
and then silk softening treatment applied to create a soft and light texture.


Selvedge color is "Banana yellow"
We use yellow thread for sewing and unify the color.