Here are the charm of black selvedge denim and the real-outfits of JBJ staff members who love wearing black jeans.




I often wear black jeans because they give a cool impression and also
can go well with a wide range of items. I wear them with a light color
denim shirt as an accent for denim-on-denim look.
My favorite is straight fit, which is slim but yet not too tight, because it
gives a good overall balance.
I drive a lot on business trips, and the color fading on the back of the
thighs is starting to show, so I'm going to wear more and continue to
grow them.

Model: 178cm, 64kg / 30in.



Like skater-styles are my kind of, and I like the sizing that is roomy around
the waist but the hems are moderatley clean, so I chose straight fit in
The reason why I choose black denim is that has a cool atmosphere
without being too casual.
Black color can be the main item or bring out the color of other items such
as tops, so it is very useful item.

Model: 171cm, 65kg / 34in.



While matching the overall tone in black, can also enjoy contrasts with the
processed denim.
Unlike indigo jeans, black jeans tighten up the outfit without being too
Of the 4fits available, Tapered fit, which is not too narrow but gives a clean
look around the legs, is my favorite.

Model: 165cm, 58kg / 29in.



The Loose fit is more high-rised than other fits, and it makes legs longer.
In cold winters, you can wear thick tights without affecting the silhouette,
which is recommended for those who don't like the cold as much as I do.
Since jeans and tops are simple, I used accessories to make the style
bright and happy.

Model: 163cm / 28in.