Made with rough and rugged 14.8oz US cotton selvedge denim and it has full of vintage feel.

Vintage-like 14.8oz US cotton selvage denim is used to match the atmosphere of classic jacket.

This denim is a representative of JBJ that has been used since the brand's launch, and is woven with the threads to the limit,

we have created “a denim for growing (aging)” that retains its firmness even after wearing again and again.

You can enjoy the contrasted fading unique to denim that pursues hardness.

On the back side of the front buttons, we put selvedge that proves woven on vintage shuttle looms.


There is a chest pocket attached only to the left, said to be a feature of the 1st Type. The pocket without a flap is based on a model in the 1940s.

On the back side, there is a cinch back that is also symbol of 1st Type, and split back that can be seen in only big size of vintage.

C/# MID - Aging processed that looks as it has been worn for years.

C/# BLK - Deep black denim that is different from indigo and enjoy the unique fading.

Above two colors will be in available in September! Don't miss them!