Sashiko" is one of JAPAN BLUE JEANS' most popular items.

What is the charm of "Sashiko" fabrics that are attracting attention around the world?

Let's look into the charm of "Sashiko" fabrics, which JAPAN BLUE JEANS had been aiming for.

Sashiko is a handicraft technique that has been handed down in Japan since ancient times.

Sashiko was born out of the wisdom of the Japanese people to reinforce clothes to make them last longer,

and keep them warmer at a time when goods were not plentiful. Sashiko fabric, which is easy to move and

sturdy, was used as uniforms for firefighters during the Edo period when fires were common.

Today, it continues to be loved by all generations not only for its functional elements as clothing, but also for

its design elements like unique looking and texture.

While traditional sashiko fabrics are thick and durable, they are also heavy and stiff.

Therefore, JAPAN BLUE JEANS has developed a light and soft sashiko fabric that is easy to use in

daily life while maintaining the three-dimensional, uneven design that is a characteristic of sashiko.

Use the yarns dyed with rope dyeing methods same as denim, so you can enjoy a fading.

Sashiko items are must-have items because you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the usual.

Wear them as matching set, it will be a modern and stylish outfit.

The color is calm and subdued, but as the color fades, it will have depth and presence. They will show a

different expression from denim, so we hope you will enjoy not only the texture but also fading.

JBJ's indigo sashiko fabric is rope dyed, so it will get fades like jeans (fading a bit green-ish like a vintage

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