J6105JZ Prep 12.5oz Stretch Selvedge

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12.5oz Stretch Selvedge

 Material woven stretch yarn in the old-fashioned loom.
But normal 100% cotton requires fine adjustment.
Weaving the thread that stretch in the old-fashioned loom is more difficult,
Stable must have craftsmanship of mature age in weaving.
It was combined with vintage looms and modern technology
Fabric more than the vintage. Of course you fall colors in beautiful blue.

・Inspire from 1900's indigo denim

・Soft Aging
・Red selvage
・Cotton 100%


 61  Prep

Low rise, tight thighs, a strong tapered shape toward hems make a sharp silhouette.
So comfortable waist and hip,but also it 
looks good style.

Preppie to fit the style, is just a length model.

・Stylish Prep model

・Vintage 5 pocket detail

・Zipper fly

More Information
Item Number J6105JZ
Rise High rise
Thigh Normal
Hip Loose
Hem Tight
Fading Natural
Fading Speed Slow
Roughness Soft