J0563MEZ Standard 13.5oz Côte d'lvoire Cotton Vintage Selvedge

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13.5oz Côte d'lvoire Cotton Vintage Selvedge

The cotton is handpicked from the cultivation to the harvest.

The cotton puts almost no burden and no breeding.

This are very close to the original species, which will produce a simple and warm feature closer to the origin model of jeans.
And  this is vintage prpcessoing like wearing 8 years.

・Wash and damage repair processing

・Côte d'lvoire x Japan colors selvage

・Cotton 100%


 05  Standerd

It's a high rise model.There is a margin on the knees and thighs part. 
Standerd is wide silhouette and high rise cut Jeans in Japan Blue Jeans.

・Wide silhouette model
・Vintage 5 pocket detail
・Somewhat Tapered standard
・Zipper fly

More Information
Item Number J0563MEZ
Rise High rise
Thigh Loose
Hip Loose
Hem Loose
Fading Natural
Fading Speed Normal
Roughness Soft