Denim tends to be casual and hard to wear it as formal wear...

No problem with JAPAN BLUE JEANS' denim suit!

Tailored element is kept while being moderately casual, so can be worn both casually and neatly.

Easy to go well with your existing items, and can enjoy to find various outfits!


This season, we have updated measurements of the body, arms, and shoulders,
making them roomier and easier to wear and move in than previous model!

It can be used in a wide range of styles, from business casual to holiday style, as well
as in co-ord with a jacket like a suit.

"SHIN-DENIM" overturns the common sense of denim.

The reason why casual denim looks so beautiful is because it is made of Japan Blue's original
fabric, "SHIN DENIM".

SHIN DENIM is a new material developed with our original dyeing technology that overturns the
concept of "denim = fading (aging)".

Increased color fastness by our originally developed dyeing technology, and significantly improved
abrasion resistance by our original spinning yarn.

By those, realizing "color fading resistant denim".

We can enjoy indigo (blue) color for a long time and also there is no worry about color migration
to innerwear.

Can be washed in washing machine at home and easy to take care!