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JBJ's popular banana denim is now available again 

exclusively as an official store limited item! 

JAPAN BLUE JEANS’ original banana denim has been featured

in many medias.

The stems of bananas, which are usually discarded in large

quantities, are recycled and woven together with high quality, rare

Côte d'Ivoire cotton to create JBJ's original sustainable fabric.

Slightly tapered, straight fit that offers both a relaxed fit and a clean look for legs. The curved belt, which JAPAN BLUE JEANS has developed, is used for an excellent fit around the waist! Comfortable to wear in all season.

Banana denim is not the yellow skin or fruit we often see in the supermarket that becomes denim, but the stem of the banana tree that becomes the fiber and makes denim.

Banana trees do not bear fruit once harvested, and banana trees are cut down and burned after harvesting.

It is said that is about one billion tons annually worldwide, and there is a worldwide effort to recycle banana trees.

After thinking about what we could do, we wondered if we could use banana stems to make denim that would reduce the burden on the environment, and through various trials and errors, we succeeded in creating a denim fabric using banana fibers.

Banana fiber, with its superior moisture absorption, quick-drying, and other functional properties, is considered the fourth fiber after cotton, hemp, and wool.

Although the raw materials are abundant, the mechanism for making banana fiber into fiber is not yet widespread enough industrially, so please experience the benefits of banana fiber through JBJ’s jeans.