Exclusive jeans are made from 100% SUVIN GOLD cotton, which is considered the highest quality cotton in the world.

"SUVIN GOLD" is one of the finest and luxury cotton in the world.

Suvin cotton is a hybrid of Egyptian cotton variety "Sujata" and "St Vincent (sea island cotton)".

It has extra-long staple fibers and a lot of natural oil and fats.

Stunningly soft and silky touch with natural luster.

SUVIN GOLD is the best quality in suvin cotton and we ONLY use SUVIN GOLD cotton for these exclusive jeans.

Enjoy this ultra smooth feel and excellent fit!

Suvin gold cotton is grown in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state in India.

Tamil Nadu is blessed with a warm climate throughout the year and monsoons from the east and west,

this allows for the cultivation of the highest quality, super-long fiber Suvin gold cotton.

They are carefully picked one by one by hand in the traditional way.