Our standard 100% Cote d'Ivoire cotton T-shirt which is only available at JAPAN BLUE JEANS has been updated.

New color of coffee dye is also available!

Enjoy the rough and warm vibes unique to Cote d'Ivoire cotton.

Item No: J443971

Item No: J463971

Item No: J443972

Item No: J463972

Côte d'Ivoire Cotton T-shirt

Côte d'Ivoire Cotton

Long Sleeve T-shirt

Côte d'Ivoire Cotton T-shirt

(Coffee dye)

Côte d'Ivoire Cotton

Long Sleeve T-shirt (Coffee dye)


■ Côte d'Ivoire Cotton

■ Why Côte d'Ivoire?

This T-shirt is designed to go with any pair of jeans!

Enjoy 100% Côte d'Ivoire cotton T-shirts, exclusive to JAPAN BLUE JEANS.