Banane Denim, Japan Blue Jeans


Banane Denim, Japan Blue Jeans

Banana denim is made from “Banana fibre” derived from the stems of banana trees, which are discarded after harvesting, and “Côte d’Ivoire cotton”, which has a feature of simple texture and is grown and harvested by hand.

Combining these two materials, Japan Blue has created a new sustainable textile.

Banana denim features uneven fibres and nep texture. It turns to be a soft and smooth texture like a banana as washed at a high-temperature and given softening treatment.

We are launching new banana denim items that you can wear in all seasons.


Features of Banana Fibres

Banane Denim, Japan Blue Jeans 



Banane Denim, Japan Blue Jeans



○ Excellent water and moisture absorbency, and it is highly breathable because the fibre will swell when absorbing water.

○ It won't be steamed and comfortable due to high heat dissipation which absorbs and release sweat and heat.

○ The staple is longer than cotton so It is lightweight but also has durability.



You can check our blog for more details about Banana denim! 

 Banane Denim, Japan Blue Jeans


Banana Denim, Japan Blue Jeans Banana Denim, Japan Blue Jeans

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