Why Banana?

Kishimoto, JBJ director, visited his friends in Thailand as opening celebration.

He saw lots of Banana trees in his friend's garden and said to him ”All you can eat Bananas!", but his friend told him "No no no, once bananas are harvested, trees are just trees and never have bananas again."













Actually banana farmers cut and burn banana trees every year and burning of banana wastes has been serious environmental issues in Thailand.

After returning to Japan, Kishimoto talked about it at a spinning mill and he knew that the stem can be fiber. That is how we started making denim from Banana.




















Banana Stem Fiber

Banana fiber have good water absorption and hygroscopicity because they expand and make a hole when they absorb water.

The staple is 1.5~2 times longer than cotton so they have also durability.








Côte d'Ivoire cotton

Elongation is necessary for weaving a fabric such as denim however banana fiber don't have it at all.

So we tried to mix them with Côte d'Ivoire cotton and finally completed banana denim after lots of trial-and-error.














         Banana Tree Jeans - J205741                                   Banana Tree Jeans - J205742

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