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    We sometimes have an inquiry that "All jeans in JAPAN BLUE JEANS are dyed with natural indigo?". Actually most of our jeans are dyed with indigo.   However there is a piece that we use natural indigo, so we would like to tell you little bit about natural indigo dyeing, "AIZOME", in Japan.   First of all, "AIZOME" is... a...
  2. NOTICE: Price adjustment and temporarily store closures

    Dear customer,   We appreciate your continued support of JAPAN BLUE JEANS.   We have been making efforts to maintain the prices of our products, but due to the rising costs of raw materials and production in each manufacturing process, it has become difficult to maintain the current price structure of our products. Therefore, we will be making price adjustments...
  3. Recommendation for those who are looking for shorts!

    Corduroy shorts from SS22 collection. CALIF. BAGGY SHORTS / Summer Corduroy No. J312571 Color: BE (Beige) / SDB (Sand beige) / DBW (Dark brown) Size: S - XL   About staff: Akagi from JAPAN BLUE JEANS Ueno. 165cm / 64kg Usually wearing size M in tops, and 30 inch in bottoms.   He is wearing SIZE S in this baggy...
  4. About weaving preparation after dyeing process

    We shared about "Rope-dyeing" with you the other day,  today we will tell you "the preparation for weaving process" which is at the end of dyeing process.   Click the image below to read about "rope-dyeing".   Rope-dyeing ⇩ Yarn splitting Yarns are separated by a splitting machine and arranged like sheets. The yarns become tangled and lumpy after dyeing...

      Item no: J692951 Size: Free Color: SK5     - FADES GALLERY -            
  6. FADES GALLERY – J042241 SUVIN GOLD selvedge jeans–

      Item no: J042241 Wearing for a year Frequency: Almost everyday Washing: Once a month                           Read more about "Suvin Gold Cotton Selvedge Jeans"  
  7. SNAP: J466 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Selvedge Jeans

    At JAPAN BLUE JEANS Kojima   Item: J466 CIRCLE Classic Straight / 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire cotton selvedge denim Purchase date: September, 2021 Frequency (wearing) : almost everyday Washing: First wash was after half a year, and after that wash whenever get dirty                J466 CIRCLE Classic Straight  /  16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire cotton selvedge denim
  8. What is "rope dyeing"?

    Have you ever heard "rope dyeing"? There are various ways of dyeing denim such as rope dyeing, slasher dyeing, and skein dyeing. JBJ's denim are dyed with "rope dyeing" because that have good texture and aging.   Rope dyeing is a method of dyeing yarns in bundles (ropes) of a certain number of threads. That features... Color irregularities are less...
  9. New! White selvedge jeans!

    We are sure that some of you guys are thinking "Is there any pair of jeans for summer"? Or  "Of course love indigo jeans, but want more refreshing jeans...". WHITE SELVEDGE JEANS are now available from CIRCLE collection!! STRAIGHT fit.     J370  CIRCLE STRAIGHT   /   13.5oz white selvedge denim Size: 28 - 34, 36, 38 in. Cotton: 100%  ...
  10. Back in stock! - Best seller "Sashiko"

    Item no: J7029J03 Color: SK5 Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL       Item no: J692951 Color: SK5 Size: F