1. TC fabrics in SS23 COLLECTION

    We've told about "TC Twill fabric" on the blog the other day, and today will share it a little bit more with SS23 new items. *If you haven't read it yet, please click below. What is "TC twill"?   First of all, let's briefly review what TC is! TC means....   T = Tetoron (Polyester) C = Cotton T stands...
  2. Work shirt outfits -Akagi style-

          Item: J370351 Shirt: S / Denim Jacket: 38 / Bottoms: 32   Denim jacket: J386621 Baker pants: J27312J01 Beret: J51190J01         Item: J372953 Shirt: M / Bottoms: 30   Monpe pants: J802921       Item: J373061 Shirt: S     【Fabric】 Dot patterns are not printed but woven.      
  3. Washed Denim Jacket for the coming season

    It's getting warmer and we can feel spring is coming recently. We guess many of you guys are looking for a jacket instead of coat for the coming season. JBJ (JAPAN BLUE JEANS) denim jackets are very popular every year, and if you miss the opportunity, you may need to wait several months for restock.... But what we're going to...
  4. Casual Denim Baker pants for spring

    Hello Lovely people. Hope you had a great week. Today I want to talk about an oldie but goodie of our regular lineup. 12oz denim, a reproduction based on military denim. So soft, these are great for summer as well! J271113J01 Modern Military Baker Pants 12oz From our Modern Military series. These also come in Olive and Beige! Personally, I...

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