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  1. What is "TC twill"?

    JPT1020M24    THE WORK PANTS   It is launched in AW22 collection. We would like to talk about the fabric used for JPT1020M24 a little bit.     As its name suggests,  "TC twill" is a slightly thicker material blended of cotton and polyester. Breaking down the name, T = Tetoron (Polyester) C = Cotton Twill = Twill weave   The...
  2. Spring Summer 2022 Collection

      JAPAN BLUE JEANS SPRING SUMMER 2022 "NEW STANDARD"   Reconstructed universal values in more detailed. We will replace the aging and details that "VINTAGE" have to the modern.                  
  3. 039×JBJ Collaboration DENIM MIX Hoodie


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