December 2022


  2. SHIN-DENIM x Thinsulate Hoodie

    You all already know about "SHIN DENIM", don't you?   For those who have never heard it before, here is a brief description! "SHIN DENIM" is our original fabric (developed in-house), which was created with the aim of creating a "non-fading" denim that overturns the concept of normal denim. The greatest feature of this is that... ・Color fading ・Color migration...
  3. About weaving (2)

    Hi, We'd like to talk  about the process of weaving selvedge denim today! Hope you will enjoy it.   It has been a little while since we last wrote about dyeing, and the preparation of weaving, so let us begin with a brief review.   Denim is  yarn-dyed fabric, so the yarn is dyed first and then woven. Japanese denim...

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