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  1. Back In Stock: SASHIKO Coverall

    JAPAN BLUE JEANS' Sashiko items are bestsellers with many fans, often selling out quickly. The Sashiko Coverall is finally back in stock! JBJ's popular "Sashiko" products have a strong presence and attract a lot of attention. At 11oz, the fabric offers good weight and thickness, while its softness makes it perfect for everyday use. It's a convenient and stylish item...
  2. BACK IN STOCK: 14.8oz US Cotton Selvedge Jeans

  3. Back in stock: 12.5oz Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash)

    J304_MID  12.5oz Africa Cotton Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash) Color: MID Size: 28 - 33, 34, 36, 38         ITEM      
  4. New & Back in stock!

      JAPAN BLUE JEANS' bestsellers, sashiko collection. We have a lot of fans and they are always out of stock soon. In that popular collection, new model "Sashiko Wide Tapered Pants" is available from Aug 10! What’s more, Sashiko Coverall is finally back in stock!   NEW ARRIVAL! SASHIKO WIDE TAPERED PANTS Size: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38    ...
  5. Restock: Sashiko Haori

    J692951 SASHIKO HAORI   With a simple white T-shirt.   There are side-seam pockets in new model.   There are also inside pockets for great storage! Can carry wallet, mobile, etc. just by slipping it on.   Sashiko haori is our bestsellers and it usually goes very quickly. Don't miss this out!!       ~ Cherri blossoms from Japan~   
  6. Restock: Sashiko coverall

    J7029J03       SASHIKO COVERALL                 SEE MORE ”SASHIKO” ⇩          
  7. SNAP: J366 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Selvedge Jeans

    At JAPAN BLUE JEANS Kojima store         Item: J366 CIRCLE Straight / 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire cotton selvedge denim Wearing for 3 years Frequency (wearing) : about 6 days in a month Washing: once a month ( turn over and use laundry net)   Let's see the details!   First, back pocket and leather patch ⇩ Since he always...
  8. RESTOCK: Sashiko items

    J692951 SASHIKO HAORI Size: Free             J382922 SASHIKO JACKET Size: 36 / 38 / 40/ 42 / 44 /46             Thank you for your continued support! We're giving away special Black Friday Points! Let’s enjoy our first ever Black Friday Points Campaign!    
  9. Back in stock! - Best seller "Sashiko"

    Item no: J7029J03 Color: SK5 Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL       Item no: J692951 Color: SK5 Size: F              
  10. Back in stock notice: May 19

        J301 CIRCLE STRAIGHT ::: AGING SNAP ::: *Those are not J301, but using the same fabric "14.8oz U.S.A cotton selvedge".         J304 CIRCLE STRAIGHT     J316 CIRCLE STRAIGHT   ::: AGING SAMPLE :::     J404 CIRCLE CLASSIC STRAIGHT