October 2021

  1. Work shirt outfits -Akagi style-

          Item: J370351 Shirt: S / Denim Jacket: 38 / Bottoms: 32   Denim jacket: J386621 Baker pants: J27312J01 Beret: J51190J01         Item: J372953 Shirt: M / Bottoms: 30   Monpe pants: J802921       Item: J373061 Shirt: S     【Fabric】 Dot patterns are not printed but woven.      
  2. Japanese denim is the best in the world!?

    "Japanese denim is the best in the world!" We often have these kinds of compliments thankfully.   However what makes it the best in the world? Kishimoto, JBJ's director, thinks the reason of it in order to be the No.1 position. 16.5oz Cote d'Ivoire cotton selvedge denim   He thinks that there is a difference about the goal between denim...

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