April 2022


        < CIRCLE TAPERED > J201    14.8oz U.S.A cotton selvedge jeans J204   12.5oz African cotton selvedge jeans   < CIRCLE STRAIGHT > J304   12.5oz African cotton selvedge jeans J305   12.5oz U.S.A x Australian cotton stretch selvedge jeans     < AGING SAMPLE > ⇒ CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE JEANS WITH THIS DENIM.   ⇒ CLICK HERE TO...
  2. This is artisanship! Details of "Coffee dye"

    JAPAN BLUE JEANS has been working on ethical project, making the products with ethical materials and ethical process. In SS22 collection, we used "coffee dye" on shirts and T-shirts. We will tell you about the process of coffee dye today!   First of all, coffee dye uses coffee grounds after the coffee is brewed. Coffee grounds   These coffee grounds...
  3. SS22 LOOK - April -

  4. CALIF - Recommend for spring and summer -

    We will show you the popular model and our recommendation in CALIF series.   Firstly, the best seller model! J8717ME (Melrose) Simple dark blue faded jeans. The fit is slim tapered that looks sharp.   "Whisker" is also well expressed!   Item no: J8717ME Size: XS - XL   As popular as Melrose is ↓ J8717RW (Rosewood) This is a...

        14oz Zimbabwe x Australian Cotton Black Selvedge Denim     16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Monster Selvedge Denim       13.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Selvedge Denim    

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