Selvedge jeans

  1. BACK IN STOCK: 14.8oz US Cotton Selvedge Jeans

  2. OFFICIAL STORE LIMITED: Banana Denim Straight Jeans

                    12.5 oz. banana denim fabric is made from a blend of 80% Cote d'Ivoire cotton and 20% banana fiber. Banana fiber is lightweight, breathable, and functional with high moisture absorption and quick-drying, but its somewhat stiff fiber texture was a drawback. As a result of trial and error, a soft and light...
  3. SS24: New Aging Jeans

          4 fits s are available: TAPERED / STRAIGHT / CLASSIC STRAIGHT / LOOSE.                                                          
  4. Official Store Limited: 8oz Côte d'Ivoire Selvedge Jeans

      Comfortable light-ounce jeans are now available as a SS24 official store limited model. Feel the comfort and lightness that you would not expect as authentic denim!       Cote d'Ivoire cotton is said to be "the closest to the original cotton”. This is because it is still cultivated in the traditional way, without pesticides and entirely by hand...
  5. New color is available for Type 2 jacket!

    14oz Type2 Black Denim Jacket Color: BLK Size: 36/ 38/ 40/ 42/ 44/ 46   There is only classic (1st) type of black denim jacket up to now, but type 2 has been newly added, expanding the range of choices. Classic type has many die-hard fans, but the type 2 is popular among a wide range of people and can...

        LOOK 1 TOPS 16.5oz Hard Inlay Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt COLOR: Green The staff is 165cm and wearing size S.   BOTTOMS J504 12.5oz Africa Cotton Loose Selvedge Jeans COLOR: ID The staff is 165cm and wearing size 26.   J504 loose fit with wide silhouette and soft fabric. A wide range of sizes is available from 26in!  ...
  7. 9.5oz Ripstop Utility Shirt Jacket

    Here is ripstop jackets that are perfect for the upcoming season!   9.5oz Fatigue Ripstop Utility Shirt Jacket Color: OD / BLK Size: S / M / L / XL / XXL   Lightweight yet strong ripstop fabric is used. Ripstop is a high-density plain weave fabric with thick threads interwoven in a grid pattern to prevent tearing of the...
  8. About "Selvedge"

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you all the best in 2024.   This is our first post for 2024, so we would like to get back to basics and write about selvedge denim.   In the case of denim fabrics, the warp yarn is often white & color to assert their presence. This is so-called famous "Red ear". (Red on white...
  9. Back in stock: 12.5oz Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash)

    J304_MID  12.5oz Africa Cotton Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash) Color: MID Size: 28 - 33, 34, 36, 38         ITEM      
  10. How fashion influencers wear exclusive jeans.

      Official store exclusive jeans made of only the finest cotton, Suvin Gold.   New fit "LOOSE" released this season. Check out the styles how fashion influencers wear them.       sad.seymour           feddd999           lazarnedkov