January 2021

  1. Ten Years of JAPAN BLUE JEANS: Conversation with Robin Meijerink

    Thanks to your support, JAPAN BLUE JEANS was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary.   The director Kishi had a conversation with Robin Meijerink from Netherlands.     We were looking back this 10 years. Check this out!   ------------------------------ Robin Meijerink   ROBIN DENIM Instagram: @robindenim
  2. How to wash your jeans

    Some jeans lovers believe that "jeans should not be washed in a machine".   However unwashed jeans are insanitary and they would lose "the strength of fabric". We highly recommend you to wash jeans properly to keep them as long as they last. Let's see how to wash jeans!   1. Button up and turn the jeans inside out Button...
  3. What kind of company is "COLLECT"?

    Happy New Year!!   Hi, As we mentioned in the previous blog, we're going to talk about "what kind of company COLLECT is".   【COLLECT】 A textile manufacturer located in Kojima, Kurashiki-city, Okayama prefecture. To put it simply, it is a company that provides fabrics to various apparel manufacturers not only domestic but also foreign. For more details, please refer to the...
  4. FABRIC 05: Stretch Selvedge Denim

    We can find a lot of stretch jeans however they are not selvedge denim. How about “selvedge” stretch denim? JBJ has stretch denim woven by vintage shuttle looms which is rare in the market!   Jeans has more than 100 years history. Stretch denim is a still new material in their history and stretch selvedge denim is a quite new...

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