December 2023

  1. Bomber Jacket -comparing size-

      The bomber jacket had been renewed for this season. We compared all sizes in this blog to help you to pick the right size. Even with the same design, different sizes will give you a different impression. Let's find you favorite sizing! Bomber Jacket Size: S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL       The look changes with size. We...
  2. 12oz Ultra Stretch Jeans

      Ultimate stretch jeans created by JAPAN BLUE JEANS Comfortable and stress-free even if you wear them for a long time. These new stretch jeans are perfect for anytime!         Unlike conventional stretch denim of JAPAN BLUE JEANS, "Ultra stretch denim" not only stretches but also has a strong ability to return by using three elastic yarns...
  3. Back in stock: 12.5oz Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash)

    J304_MID  12.5oz Africa Cotton Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash) Color: MID Size: 28 - 33, 34, 36, 38         ITEM      
  4. How fashion influencers wear exclusive jeans.

      Official store exclusive jeans made of only the finest cotton, Suvin Gold.   New fit "LOOSE" released this season. Check out the styles how fashion influencers wear them.       sad.seymour           feddd999           lazarnedkov        
  5. New Chino Pants - AW2023 collection -

    West Point Chino Pants Color: BEG, GRY, NAY Size: S - XXL   They may look like ordinary chino pants, but don't underestimate them. JBJ is still particular about the fabric! So let's focus on the fabric of this confidence! First of all, we would like to start from "what is the name West point".   West Point is... It...

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