We're going to tell you about the most popular collection "CIRCLE" and we're sure that you'll find lots of things that you've never known before.

It's a bit long blog (because we have so many things that would like to tell you guys) but please read it.



First of all, we tell you about the name of "CIRCLE".

Why is it called "CIRCLE"? Where come from?

We're sure there are a lot of people who have this question.


When we look up "circle" in dictionally

-a completely round shape

-a continuous curved line


As you can see, the logo of CIRCLE collection is also round shape design.

This logo shows a day of people who have this jeans,

"At work"

"When going out on weekends or holidays"

"When relaxing at home"

We wished that you can wear them all day long, we've put the name "CIRCLE" on.


Other reasons are,

-We use "curved belt" for this collection (will talk about it later)

-Circle also has the meaning of a group of people with a shared profession and interests, connections etc... and this model was born from the connection between our factories and JBJ.



Next, let's take a look at the features of "CIRCLE".

The biggest (and most important) feature of CIRCLE is the belt part.

Generally vintage jeans are made with "straight belt" at their waist, on the other hand, "CIRCLE" jeans are made with "curved belt".


The top is a curved belt and the bottom is a straight belt.


Then, why we use curved belt for CIRCLE

We'll explain what's good about using a curved belt.


As you all know our body has round shape, so this curved belt can cover waist through hip beautifully.

This technique has been used for women's jeans that consider fit is more important, but it hadn't been used for vintage jeans.

The reason is that vintage jeans that has been for long time ago were not designed like this, so if the jeans are made with curved belt, they cannot have vintage specifications.


Therefore, it was difficult for "vintage lovers" to accept it and it was not used for men's jeans.


Why JAPAN BLUE JEANS decided to use curved belt this time, that's because there are many good points about curved belt.

Firstly, the waist part is curved, so even if jeans has skinnier fit it feels comfortable to wear, so it has different feeling and also looks different from the ones with straight belt.

Actually we had lots of compliments from our customers such as "it feels different" and "it's very comfortable to wear!".



...We've talked a lot about the curved belt,

Lastly we'd like to show you some interesting photos.


Above is the belt that our brand director has been used almost everyday for several years.

Bottom is new one.


You now understand why curved belt is used for jeans when you look this.

This is a natural curved belt.

It shows curved belt fits our bodies well.


Please try CIRCLE jeans and hope you'll like this comfortable fit!!!