JAPAN BLUE JEANS make mainly denim products but there are actually many items that is not made from denim fabric.

If you like the aging, then you might tend to choose the denim products, but we will show you items that you can still enjoy the aging other than denim!


F.W.U PANTS / Rip stop fabric (OD)(BK)(NV)


We reconstructed the U.S. military cargo pants of the '60s.

This fabric is a high density rip stop and make it a very solid and tough pieces.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, these cargo pants can also be faded over time!

The special core-white dyeing process allows the uneven parts of the fabric to develop fades as the garment is worn.


Here is a question for you guys!

These cargo pants do not have "something" that is normally attached.
What do you think "something" is?




.....The answer is side pockets!!!

We think that you have a image of "cargo pants = side pockets".


However we took them away.

Don't side pockets actually use that much...?

(We're sorry if there is someone who uses them very much.)

(but cargo pants without side pockets are also stylish and cool, so please try them.)



This new pair of cargo pants has been reconsidered side pockets, and it turns to be simple and highly mobile pants.

The darts on both sides make it even better mobility and give it a great silhouette.


The fit (wideness), silhouette, color, fabric, and design are all so cool!!!




There are jacket and hat in same rip stop fabric.


F.W.U JACKET / Rip stop fabric (OD)(BK)(NV)



 / Rip stop fabric (OD)(BK)(NV)