It is launched in AW22 collection.

We would like to talk about the fabric used for JPT1020M24 a little bit.



As its name suggests,  "TC twill" is a slightly thicker material blended of cotton and polyester.

Breaking down the name,

T = Tetoron (Polyester)

C = Cotton

Twill = Twill weave


The combination of polyester and cotton compensates for each other's shortcomings and become tougher fabric.

TC twill also has these other characteristics.

- Luster and durability.
- Smooth while still having firmness.
- Resistant to size change after washing.
- Resists wrinkling.


It is good that the variety of colors available.

There are not so much color fades, but you will enjoy "Atari"  (It will take a little longer than jeans though...).


New color "Brown" will be available soon. 

Stay tuned for updates!