We would like to show you new model from AW23 collection, and talk about "pleats (tuck)" of their spec.


Wide Tapered Jeans

Color:  ID (JBJE15113A)DGY (JBJE15123A)BLK (JBJE15133A)

Size: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38



Have you noticed a detail added to these jeans that has never been seen in our standard jeans before?

⇩ This part.


This design is familiar to those who usually wear formal pants!
This is called "pleats (tuck)," and its presence alone gives the pants a very elegant appearance.
However, this detail has a role other than just a design.

So this time, we would like to talk about the pleats (tuck)!


Actually we called them "Tucked pants" in Japan, but they are called "pleated pants" overseas.

The origin is believed to be the uniform of Russian Cossack soldiers.

As you can easily imagine the movement of the "Cossack Dance," the legs, especially the thighs, move forward and to the left and right in a bent position, so the range of motion from the hips to the thighs must be quite roomy to make it difficult for the wearer to move.

However, if the pants are made to fit this area, there will be extra room below the knees, which will also disrupt movement.
So, people add pleats around the waist to give more room in that area, and front pleated pants were born as a result.

As mentioned above, the original role of the "pleat" was to expand the range of motion of the leg, however, in modern fashion, the silhouette created as a result of pleats is considered more important than it.

FYI, these pants were first introduced as a fashion item in England in the 1920s, when the pleates and the silhouette that tapers down to the hem were considered very elegant and stylish and they became a topic among British gentlemen, and they became a fad as a cutting-edge fashion item.

↑As you can see in the photo above, putting pleats allows for more room around the hips to thighs even though making the waist smaller, and from there to the hem, it is possible to taper sharply and slim around the ankles, and that brings making legs longer effect.

Furthermore, the roominess of the pleats prevents unnecessary sitting wrinkles, resulting in a reduction in loosing shape! It is a very effective detail!


JAPAN BLUE JEANS had taken this detail that has been used mainly for slacks (trousers) to jeans!
This fact alone is interesting, but what should be noted is the silhouette.

This beautiful tapered silhouette, made possible by putting pleats, is the best among this season's items!

You can enjoy an elegant silhouette like slacks even though they are jeans!

Please do try them!