SS24 items are coming in!
As the first item, we would like to show something that is even a surprise to our store staff.


14oz Heavy Chambray items.

When you hear ”chambray", you may first think of shirts, but the chambray in JBJ's SS24 Collenction is 14oz heavy and hard chambray fabric!


Compared to ordinary chambray, the thickness of yarn is clearly different.
It is usually woven using 20 count yarns, this fabric is woven with 5 count yarns which is 4 times as thick as usual, resulting in a thicker 14oz fabric!

It is hard to see from the picture, but the difference is obvious when you actually touch the fabric!
You will be surprised if you touch it as thinking that it might be soft because it is a chambray!


This season, outerwear and pants are available that JBJ has never made in chambray before!


● Coverall

The staff is 170cm and wearing size M.

Body width is narrow.
It also features pockets that are unique to work jackets!


● Bush Pants

The staff is 170cm and wearing size S.

Bush pants with large pockets placed on the side.
Loose-straight fit.

The sizing is a bit larger, so you may have a little more room than your normal size.
Good to wear them oversized!


● Shorts

The staff is 170cm and wearing size S.

It may be a little early yet, but we also have shorts for spring!
This is a shorts version and characteres side pockets same as bush pants.



The light indigo color unique to chambray makes it easy to wear without becoming too heavy, even wearing them in a co-ord set!