Today's topic is the fades (looks) when choosing processed jeans.
In the case of one washed or raw denim jeans, it is fun to think about how to fade their color. But when choosing a pair of processed jeans,

・we should choose the one with more realistic color fades?
・should choose the one with special fades that cannot gain with real fading?

we think like those will be important.


So in this blog, we are going to talk about what kind of fades constitutes a special kind of fades.
First of all, to know what is special, we have to look at what natural fade is!


So please take a look here ⇩

These are JBJ’s standard jeans in MID color.

It is a process that expresses a very ideal fading, and has the look of having been carefully grown for several years, such as wrinkles and whiskers.

At first glance, some may think the patterned fading looks unnatural, but in fact, this is what jeans look like after being worn and raised for a long time.

By the way, these are the actual jeans ⇩ (worn for 2 years).

The natural fades is the result of uneven coloring in the areas where the garment is worn or rubbed often and in the areas where it is not rubbed often, which gives it like a pattern appearance.

Now that we know what "natural color fades" is, let's take a look at what special color fades are!


First of all, here it is ⇩

These are 12oz Ultra Stretch Jeans in FAD color.

As to why this color is unnatural, it would be easier to understand if you take into account what we told you earlier about natural fading, but it is nearly impossible to start with an indigo deep navy color, and then to bring it down to this light color with almost no whiskers or wrinkles, as a color fade that can actually be gained by wearing the jeans.
(FAD is treated with a process called fade processing, which uses chlorine-based chemicals to remove the entire color of jeans equally.)

Therefore, if you want a pair of plain blue jeans without much expression like whiskers, it is recommended to choose these processed jeans from the beginning instead of making them yourself.


Next ⇩

Wide Tapered Jeans in BLE color.

The bleaching process is used to remove the color to the point where it is almost white, using a bleaching agent, and is characterized by its unique uneven coloring.
This process can be adjusted to increase the unevenness of the color by adjusting the degree of the bleaching process.


Here is the same model with a bleached finish based on black jeans ⇩.


They are in a different category from regular jeans and will be useful to expand your fashion range!

Like the blue jeans mentioned earlier, these are also difficult to make by yourself, recommended to buy these processed jeans from the beginning.

This makes you think that it is worth a try, even if you think that you have been grown your own jeans and don't buy processed jeans?

It will be more fun to choose jeans when you have a wider choice!


・Don't have much time to wear jeans usually because of work, so want jeans with realistic fades from the beginning.

・Want jeans with a color that cannot get by growing them.

・Want to wear unique jeans.


and so on, processed jeans can be chosen from a different perspective than when choosing OW jeans.

We hope this blog will help you to find the best jeans for you!