Today's blog is showing new fabric in SS24.

Although these items have already been showed several times, we would like to focus on fabric this time.


JBJ calls this new fabric "typewriter fabric" or "C/N fabric".



Typewriter fabric is...

generally, it is considered to be "a cotton fabric consisting of a high-density plain weave".

The main advantage of this fabric is that it has a unique stiffness and firmness and does not easily lose its shape.

On the other hand, its high density tends to cause strong friction between the warp and weft yarns,

which is a disadvantage that reduces its durability against tearing.


We, as the origin of a fabric (textile) maker, have added a twist to overcome such weak points!

We have improved durability by blending nylon material with typewriter fabric, which is normally composed of 100% cotton!


The composition ratio is 70% cotton and 30% nylon, a truly exquisite balance!


There is a famous cotton/nylon blend fabric called "60/40",

and this fabric was developed for mountain parkas by an American outdoor wear brand called SIERRA DESIGNS,

and consists of 60% cotton and 40% nylon.

This is said to be the golden ratio of mountain wear fabrics, and is said that the best balance

between moisture permeability and breathability of cotton and the water repellency and durability ofnylon.

However, this is only "as a mountain wear".


This new JAPAN BLUE JEANS fabric has about 10% more cotton than the 60/40 fabric, right?

What does this mean...

this fabric is very suitable for daily use, specializing in the breathability and

moisture permeability of cotton, while at the same time having the durability of nylon! 


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