Are you preparing your wardrobe for the summer heat? Now, let's talk about a staple of casual summer fashion: the open-collar shirt. An open-collar shirt is designed to be worn with the collar open, typically featuring a flat collar without a collar stand and often cut shorter with a straight hem.

There are various variations of open-collar shirts, each with its own design roots.

Bowling Shirt: Originating in America in the 1950s, worn by bowling players as an outer shirt. It features an open collar and action pleats. In Japan, it gained popularity in the 1970s as vintage fashion, often emphasizing ease of movement with plain or simple fabrics, decorated with embroidery on the back or pockets.

Aloha Shirt: A type of open-collar shirt characterized by vibrant Hawaiian prints. It's synonymous with open-collar shirts and the Hawaiian term "aloha" embodies meanings of love, kindness, welcome, and farewell.

Camp Shirt: A functional outer shirt suitable for wearing at campsites, featuring an open collar and highly practical large pockets on both sides of the chest, often with designs like epaulets.

Guayabera Shirt: Known as "Guayabera" in Cuba, this jacket-style shirt was worn by people working in sugarcane fields. It features an open collar and four flap pockets on the front, sometimes embellished with pleats or embroidery.

Let's stay cool and stylish this summer with an open-collar shirt!
3oz Denim Open Collar Shirt

Crafted from 3oz Supima cotton denim fabric that feels surprisingly soft to the touch, creating an elegant atmosphere. Continuing the classic design, the shirt fastens with a looped part instead of a buttonhole for the first button.
With its simple plain design, it offers high versatility and effortlessly matches with any outfit!

3oz Denim Open Collar Shirt