Do you know that JAPAN BLUE JEANS is working on ethical project and has been making jeans and other items in ethical way?

We would like to talk about it a little bit today.



In JAPAN BLUE JEANS we currently make products with the theme of "Making our town happier"

For the past 15~20 years, factories (sewing and washing) in Kojima have gone out of business once few years.


We thought that it has been getting difficult to work in Kojima, and we have wonder if there were anything that we can do.

The answer is to make jeans and sell them! We thought, "Let's solve this problem with jeans!".


In order to make Kojima comfortable to live, we need to make the place beautiful and bright.

Then, we started making things with a goal of creating jobs and improving the environment.


Well, let's see JBJ's ethical jeans!

We often get the question, "What is different from regular jeans?"

There are so many processes such as spinning yarn ⇒ dyeing ⇒ weaving ⇒ cutting ⇒ sewing ⇒washing....

Those processes itself have not changed, but we are trying and working on various things which we can do in those.


For instance, after sewing jeans, we use a lot of water for washing jeans (it is called "one-wash" process).

We are making efforts to filter the blue water to clean it up and reuse it to reduce water consumption.

By doing this, we can reuse about 85% of the water.



In addition to one wash, we have been working together with factories about fading processes without using chemicals and stones.

We used laser for "Whisker" and around the knee, and used *ozone processing for fading.

*Ozone processing: we use ozone instead of water and ozone, gas, and indigo cause a chemical reaction that makes the color fade.

This can help reducing the consumption of chemicals and water.


We're thinking not only production processes but also about the materials that we use.

We normally use cowhide leather patches for jeans but the patches of ethical jeans are made from recycled apple core and skins.


Like this, we would like to continue making things as exploring various things, we use recycled materials where possible, and reduce what we can reduce like chemicals and water.


What we've shared with you today is just a small part of our project, but we hope that many of you gets interested in it, and glad that you try JBJ's ethical products.



- Ethical products -


                 JS263                                    JS263 (Washed)                             JSJK163                                JSJK163 (Washed)

                 JS363                                    JS363 (Washed)

                 JS463                                    JS463 (Washed)







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