We sometimes have an inquiry that "All jeans in JAPAN BLUE JEANS are dyed with natural indigo?".

Actually most of our jeans are dyed with indigo.


However there is a piece that we use natural indigo, so we would like to tell you little bit about natural indigo dyeing, "AIZOME", in Japan.


First of all, "AIZOME" is...

a dyeing method using the plant dye "indigo".

"Aizome" has a long history, and although it is now a luxury thing, a lot of people used to love it in old times.


The reason why a lot of people loved it is not only color.

The first,  " Insect repellent effect "

The second, " Deodorant effect ”

The third,  " Antibacterial effect "

The forth, " Moisturizing "

It has a wide variety of functionalities.


In Japan blue jeans, we take "kase-zome 枷染め” which is Japanese traditional dyeing method.

Bunch of yarn are soaked into "kase-tubo", there are indigo dye in it, and take it out and hang it to be oxidized with the air.

This is done by hands of craftsperson without using any machines, and the process of soaking the bunch of yarn and taking it out for many times like more than 20.

This is extremely time-consuming techniques that craftsperson spend so much time.


By repeating the process over and over again and yarn is dyed down to the core,

although it is not fading as indigo dyed jeans, but you can enjoy the deep and unique fades as you wear over time.


There is only one model of "Aizome jeans" in Japan blue jeans.

Fit is standard.

J0584JZ  (ID)

13.5oz Côte d'Ivoire cotton selvedge jeans [Aizome]

Size: 28 - 38 in