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    We sometimes have an inquiry that "All jeans in JAPAN BLUE JEANS are dyed with natural indigo?". Actually most of our jeans are dyed with indigo.   However there is a piece that we use natural indigo, so we would like to tell you little bit about natural indigo dyeing, "AIZOME", in Japan.   First of all, "AIZOME" is... a...
  2. FADES GALLERY – J042241 SUVIN GOLD selvedge jeans–

      Item no: J042241 Wearing for a year Frequency: Almost everyday Washing: Once a month                           Read more about "Suvin Gold Cotton Selvedge Jeans"  
  3. Online Exclusive: Suvin Gold series

    Exclusive item, Suvin Gold cotton series are back in stock. We will tell you the details about them!   1.  You can enjoy a different fit from four models of CIRCLE series. There are 3 fits Tapered / High-tapered / Standard in Suvin Gold series. Let's compare similar fits from both series.   <CIRCLE Tapered> and <High-Tapered>   High Tapered in...

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