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In AW22, we have denim jackets that are a bit different taste previously.


That is.....



"Chemical wash" processed denim


Chemical wash is a process in which pumice stone soaked in bleach is washed together with garments in a washer machine, and bleach the color out, and give a special fading effect caused by rubbing with the stone.

This process gives the garments a texture that cannot be achieved by wearing them for a long time in a normal way.

In AW22 collection, there are some denim jackets with this process!

Motorcycle Denim Jacket

Item No: JJK0050M24

Color: DGY

Size: S-XL


There is non-processed version (MID color) in the same model.




Of course, we have standard denim jacket!


Denim Jacket

Item No: JJK0030M24

Color: LID (upper), DGY (lower)

Size: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44