1. SHIN-DENIM x Thinsulate Hoodie

    You all already know about "SHIN DENIM", don't you?   For those who have never heard it before, here is a brief description! "SHIN DENIM" is our original fabric (developed in-house), which was created with the aim of creating a "non-fading" denim that overturns the concept of normal denim. The greatest feature of this is that... ・Color fading ・Color migration...

    FIELD COACHER is in stock!     JJK1070M24 / Field Coacher / Cotton-nylon Size: S / M / L / XL Color: OD Wearing size L JKN1000M23 / Long sleeve raglan T-shirts / 18 gauze  hard inlay Size: S / M / L / XL / XXL Color: BLK Wearing size L J202571 / CALIF. BAGGY / Corduroy Size: S...
  3. Chemical wash Denim Jackets from AW22 collection

    AW22 collection has been in stock!     In AW22, we have denim jackets that are a bit different taste previously.   That is.....     "Chemical wash" processed denim ⇩   Chemical wash is a process in which pumice stone soaked in bleach is washed together with garments in a washer machine, and bleach the color out, and give...
  4. CALIF. Surf Trip Series AW2022

      The "Calif Surf Trip Series" is a superb pair of jeans made in Japan by hand of skilled craftspeople. This is a special pair of jeans filled with the high skills and delicate sense of craftspeople in Kojima.     Let’s see each process!                

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