Today we bring a fanatic topic! lol

Let us talk about various kinds of "sleek" in JAPAN BLUE JEANS.



Btw have you heard about sleek?

To put it very simply, it is "the fabric of pocket bags in the front of jeans".

If we break it down to say more, it is a fabric woven in plain weave or twill weave, and used for pockets and the lining of clothes.

Jackets are often made of plain weave fabric, while jeans and other items that require toughness are often made of twill weave fabric.

Some brands are particular about the inside as well, and using various fabrics, and sleeks printed with various designs.

Sleeks are such an invisible, behind-the-scenes support, but JBJ also has a variety of sleeks, so today we would like to introduce a few of them to you.



First up is JBJ's standard model, CIRCLE series.

How colorful when all four fits are together!


Check out CIRCLE series here.




Popular model, official store limited, Suvin Gold cotton series.

*Right one is limited model only sold in Kojima store, Japan.


Check out Suvin Gold cotton jeans here.




The only natural indigo dyed (Aizome 藍染め) jeans in JBJ.

"Ise cotton natural indigo fabric  (伊勢木綿本藍生地) "  is used which is full of premium quality.

What a luxurious sleek!!! A sleek worthy of the finest pair!


Check out Natural Indigo dyed jeans here.



We will go on and on...

PREP series use JBJ stripe fabric.

We sure this fabric is familiar to those who have known JBJ for a long time.


Check out Prep series here.



Two more...

Black jeans in CIRCLE series.

These are only available in tapered and straight, so only green and blue.

The print looks great on the black fabric!


Check out CIRCLE black jeans here.


And lastly...

Special CALIF series from AW22 collection. What a surprise... these are "HAND WRITING"!!!! SUPER!!!!!

You can enjoy the difference of each piece, and maybe feel the thoughts of craftsperson!! lol


Check out special CALIF series here.

*Parko (the right on the above images) is out of stock.


It's wonderful to have a "special attention to detail" even in places you can't see. It's exciting, isn't it?



We have introduced them all at once, but how was it?

JBJ has a variety of other sleeks as well.

Please take a look at the sleeks when you are looking for jeans.