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  1. How fashion influencers wear exclusive jeans.

      Official store exclusive jeans made of only the finest cotton, Suvin Gold.   New fit "LOOSE" released this season. Check out the styles how fashion influencers wear them.       sad.seymour           feddd999           lazarnedkov        
  2. Exclusive: SUVIN GOLD Cotton Denim Jacket

    Hi, Japan Blue Jeans is now offering a special Black Friday offer. This is the best offer ever, so please take this opportunity to check out the items you have been eyeing! Click on the image below for more details. It is ending soon so hurry up! *Until Nov 30 23:59 UTC.   We will show a special piece that...
  3. Official Store Limited: Suvin Gold Cotton Denim Jacket

      Only the finest Suvin Gold cotton is used for this special denim, which has luster and smooth feel that cannot be found elsewhere. Limited jacket using such Suvin Gold cotton denim is now available only at official stores!     Store Limited Denim Jacket The traditional denim jacket details are retained with hand warmer pockets on the sides for...
  4. About "sleek" of jeans in JBJ.

    Hi, Today we bring a fanatic topic! lol Let us talk about various kinds of "sleek" in JAPAN BLUE JEANS.     Btw have you heard about sleek? To put it very simply, it is "the fabric of pocket bags in the front of jeans". If we break it down to say more, it is a fabric woven in plain...
  5. FADES GALLERY – J042241 SUVIN GOLD selvedge jeans–

      Item no: J042241 Wearing for a year Frequency: Almost everyday Washing: Once a month                           Read more about "Suvin Gold Cotton Selvedge Jeans"  
  6. SS22 LOOK - April -

  7. Online Exclusive: Suvin Gold series

    Exclusive item, Suvin Gold cotton series are back in stock. We will tell you the details about them!   1.  You can enjoy a different fit from four models of CIRCLE series. There are 3 fits Tapered / High-tapered / Standard in Suvin Gold series. Let's compare similar fits from both series.   <CIRCLE Tapered> and <High-Tapered>   High Tapered in...

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