Color: OD
Size: S / M / L / XL



Height 165cm / weight 65kg, wearing size S


JAPAN BLUE JEANS original patch. Good accent when you take off.


Sleeves are ribbed and can prevent wind. The fabric is cotton nylon oxford. Compared to regular plain weave fabrics, oxford fabrics are smooth and have luster.


Use "Universal's zipper", which is famous for vintage zippers. The larger zipper is smooth and easy to open and close.


At a glance, it looks like a coach jacket, but the design is a mix of a Mod coat, so there are elements of the mod coat in some places.

Simple but designed with has a sense of fun!


It goes perfectly with jeans, and we think that it's a very useful piece to wear with cargo pants or chinos!

The length is a little long, so it is also good to wear it over a suit!


It is in final sale, so do get it with a reasonable price!