The selvedge denim used in JAPAN BLUE JEANS' standard jeans.
What is selvedge denim, the foundation of JAPAN BLUE JEANS, which is based on a textile manufacturer?
We would like to show you our commitment to selvedge denim.



It is a denim fabric with selvedges at both edge, woven on an vintage power loom called a shuttle loom.

The production of this shuttle looms had already ended, and the number of existing machines is very small.

Among them, there are only a few looms that can weave selvedge denim with a firm beating.

The Japanese selvedge denim fabric woven by skilled craftspeople using these few old-fashioned looms

has been recognized not only in Japan but around the world.





JAPAN BLUE JEANS is a jeans brand based on a textile manufacturer.

Taking advantage of its knowledge and experience as a texitile manufacturer,

JAPAN BLUE JEANS is particular about each process of the denim production.

We carefully select from the raw material, cotton, and are particular about the yarn twisting, dyeing methods,

and the weaving methodto create denim fabrics that are unique to JAPAN BLUE JEANS.






Denim does not necessarily have to be a selvedge denim.
However, selvedge denim provides the fun of wearing denim.
Find your favorite selvedge denim jeans and taste the denim in a new way!