Selvedge jeans

  1. Back in stock: 12.5oz Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash)

    J304_MID  12.5oz Africa Cotton Straight Selvedge Jeans (Aging Wash) Color: MID Size: 28 - 33, 34, 36, 38         ITEM      
  2. About selvedge denim of JAPAN BLUE JEANS

    The selvedge denim used in JAPAN BLUE JEANS' standard jeans. What is selvedge denim, the foundation of JAPAN BLUE JEANS, which is based on a textile manufacturer? We would like to show you our commitment to selvedge denim.     It is a denim fabric with selvedges at both edge, woven on an vintage power loom called a shuttle loom...
  3. Comparing new fit "LOOSE" by size!

    Have you checked our new fit "LOOSE" yet? - if not, click here to check out! As its name it is wide fit, but that looks different by size. Hope it will help you to choose your favorite fitting. Item: J501 14.8oz USA COTTON LOOSE SELVEDGE JEANS Color: ID 14.8oz USA cotton, which has been used since the brand was...

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