The bomber jacket had been renewed for this season.

We compared all sizes in this blog to help you to pick the right size.

Even with the same design, different sizes will give you a different impression.

Let's find you favorite sizing!

Bomber Jacket

Size: S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL




The look changes with size.

We often have inquiries about sizing.

You may be wondering what size fits you best, or how does look when wearing it in oversized.

Our staff has actually compared all sizes, so please take a look for reference when choosing your size.


[ The staff is 178cm, 65kg ]


He usually wears a size M for jackets, so size S is not impossible to wear, but around the shoulder and sleeve length seem a little small and tight.
If you are a little smaller, you should have no problem with size S.



Bomber jacket is a bit smaller fit than other outerwears.
Sleeve length is not too short, and if you prefer a neat look, size M will be fine. It goes well with voluminous bottoms.



It is good to go up one size from your usual size since the bomber jacket is a bit smaller sizing than other JBJ jackets.
The overall fit is well-balanced and just right, with no tightness around the shoulders.
It is easy to match with any kinds of bottoms.



It is a roomy fit and can wear heavy tops inside.
It is not too oversized, and is staff Iida's favorite size.



Overall big silhouette including sleeve length and body width.
It is also good to choose a larger size depending on how to wear it with other items!




Find your favorite size and enjoy wearing it in various ways!





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