14oz Type2 Black Denim Jacket

Color: BLK
Size: 36/ 38/ 40/ 42/ 44/ 46


There is only classic (1st) type of black denim jacket up to now, but type 2 has been newly added, expanding the range of choices.

Classic type has many die-hard fans, but the type 2 is popular among a wide range of people and can be easily mixed into any style and easy to coodinate.

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14oz Classic Black Denim Jacket


Details are made with a focus on "black".

The black color unifies the jacket, making it a chic and cool piece.

It has side pockets and is more functional than classic type!


JBJ's original donut button engraved "BLUE" on it is also "black.


Of course, the leather patch is also "black"!


Used white color on selvedge to keep the chic look.



We have jeans that made with the same black denim so can wear them in co-ords!


14oz Type 2 Black Denim Jacket
Color: BLK
The staff is 178cm and wearing size 44.

J414 14oz Black Classc Straight Selvedge Jeans
Color: BLK
The staff is 178cm and wearing size 32.


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