1. Summer Outfits with Blue Jeans and White Jeans

    Light blue jeans and white jeans that are perfect for summer. Featuring crafted jeans from the popular JAPAN BLUE JEANS, we introduce refreshing summer outfits! STYLE1 Classic style stands out with quality materials: Selvedge Blue Jeans × Premium Fabric T-Shirt Model: 173cm Mid Indigo Jeans with a naturally worn-in fade are perfect for summer. Pair the classic straight silhouette with...
  2. BACK IN STOCK: 14.8oz US Cotton Selvedge Jeans

  3. SS24: New Aging Jeans

          4 fits s are available: TAPERED / STRAIGHT / CLASSIC STRAIGHT / LOOSE.                                                          
  4. Official Store Limited: 8oz Côte d'Ivoire Selvedge Jeans

      Comfortable light-ounce jeans are now available as a SS24 official store limited model. Feel the comfort and lightness that you would not expect as authentic denim!       Cote d'Ivoire cotton is said to be "the closest to the original cotton”. This is because it is still cultivated in the traditional way, without pesticides and entirely by hand...
  5. New color is available for Type 2 jacket!

    14oz Type2 Black Denim Jacket Color: BLK Size: 36/ 38/ 40/ 42/ 44/ 46   There is only classic (1st) type of black denim jacket up to now, but type 2 has been newly added, expanding the range of choices. Classic type has many die-hard fans, but the type 2 is popular among a wide range of people and can...

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