JAPAN BLUE JEANS' Sashiko items are bestsellers with many fans, often selling out quickly. The Sashiko Coverall is finally back in stock!

JBJ's popular "Sashiko" products have a strong presence and attract a lot of attention. At 11oz, the fabric offers good weight and thickness, while its softness makes it perfect for everyday use. It's a convenient and stylish item that can be easily layered over tops. Plus, the rope-dyed fabric, like denim, allows you to enjoy the fading process.

Don't miss out on the Sashiko Coverall!

183cm 62kg, size M

Style: Coverall
Coveralls are a type of work jacket that was originally used as work wear.Utilizing the details of work jackets there are 4pockets in the front. We add some touches to make it slightly narrower body in the style of JAPAN BLUE JEANS.
It is simple design and goes with any styles.

Fabric: 11oz indigo sashiko
Sashiko fabric is originally for firefighter’s clothing in the Edo period and in modern times, it is known as Judo and Kendo uniforms. We developed this sashiko fabric into modern and casual clothing. The fabric is lighter and softer compared to how it was in the past to suit daily casual wear.
JBJ's indigo sashiko fabric is rope dyed as same as denim, so it will get fades.

・Button closure
・JBJ original donut button
・100% Cotton
・Made in Japan


Originally, the term "Sashiko" did not refer to the weaves like denim, but to the technique of sewing multiple layers of fabric together in order to increase the strength of the fabric.

By elaborating designs with sewing threads rather than simply sewing them together, variations in design increased, and the fabric came to be recognized as a single fabric called "Sashiko", evolving from use as workwear to a material with a tough and chic design, like the clothing of firefighters in the Edo period.

However, since Sashiko is a manual stitching process, it is not suitable for mass production, and the sashiko fabric currently on the market is "Sashiko weave" made by weaving. Japan Blue Jeans' Sashiko products also use Sashiko weave.

Rather than the conventional strong and tough materials, we use the fabrics with design and wearability, making products that are easy to use in everyday wear.

For more information about sashiko fabrics and other sashiko products, please refer to the feature page below.